MA building guarded by soldiers, the commander of the TNI is asked to come to order

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IMPARSIAL criticized the placement of TNI soldiers in the Supreme Court (MA) building in Jakarta. The commander of the TNI, General Andika Perkasa, was asked to intervene to reject this policy.

“TNI Commander Urgently Rejects Placement of TNI Soldiers as a Unit
safety in the MA environment,” Imparsial researcher Al Araf said in a written statement today.

The Supreme Court was also asked to overturn the placement of TNI soldiers as security units (guards) within the court office. Because politics is seen as problematic.

“We consider the Supreme Court’s policy of placing the TNI in a security unit at the Supreme Court to be a problematic, inconsiderate and excessive policy,” Al Araf said.

He also highlighted the statement by Supreme Court Spokesperson Andi Samsan Nganro. While the placement of TNI soldiers is aimed at preventing the entry of people who are not eligible to enter the Supreme Court.

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“If the task is like this, it is very excessive to use TNI soldiers to serve Supreme Court justices and even sort out which guests are eligible or who are not allowed to enter the Supreme Court building” , said Al Araf.

According to Al Araf, relying on an ordinary security guard is enough. If a Supreme Court judge faces a threat, the Supreme Court can ask the National Police to step up security.

“We consider that the use of TNI soldiers as security units is in fact nothing more than an attempt by the Supreme Court to cover up its various weaknesses so far,” Al Araf said.

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Earlier, Andi Samsan Nganro said that the Supreme Court made an assessment and chose to place the TNI in the judicial environment. This is to increase security.

Security is about avoiding unwanted things such as the entry of people whose interests are unclear. At the same time, ensure that eligible and ineligible guests enter the Supreme Court office for the benefit of checking in and seeing the progress of the case. (OL-4)

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